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Steve Rogers has planned the romantic date for a quite long time. Beautiful cityview, great dinner and Bucky Barnes. Everything was perfect.

Somehow it ended up with punching bad guys, dodging bullets and jumping out of a hotel window.

#imagine them trying to go on romantic dates #but every single time it’s foiled by a bond-esque scenario #SUDDENLY MOBSTERS START UP A FIGHT #SUDDENLY THERE’S A BOMB ON THE DINNER CRUISE #SUDDENLY ARMED MEN SWARM THE FANCY RESTAURANT FOR A HEIST #and bucky just rolls up his sleeves and steve groans into his hands #’we’ll take the bottle to go instead’ #eventually they stop trying to dress up and JUST GO TO DINNER IN THEIR COMBAT GEAR #bucky clinks when he sits down and he’s got three guns strapped to his torso and he’s bristling with knives #steve politely leans up his shield against the table leg and pulls down his cowl#’um can you bring our order out to go because we might have to take it to go’ #and they have a brief 3 minutes of holding hands and staring into each others’ eyes in the candlelight of their little table#and then the kitchen explodes and people start screaming #and bucky sighs and steve brings up bucky’s metal hand for a kiss before they stand up#’happy anniversary honey’ #’you too darling’

tha, that…..was the most amazing tags I’ve ever seen in my tumblr life. I know it’s creepy that artist reblogging the tags of their own art, but I don’t care! It’s too awesome to ignore. I’m gonna read this every day.

The briliant and incredible tags by requiodile (wish I could properly credit them, but I don’t know how. i will just link the tumblr url)

….I need to draw a sequel.

*jumping up and down and laughing at the art and at the fic in the tags*

(Source: bjodoodles)

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